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Ceramics & Traditional Crafts

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Bog Born is the creation of Emma, a Scottish experimental archaeologist and traditional crafter who loves nothing more than squelching about in clay, collecting leaves and vines, or playing with firey furnaces. She specialises in ancient, nature and folklore inspired ceramics as well as bloomery iron smelting and basket weaving. All made in the highland hills of Perthshire, Scotland, inspired by the tales of the land and working with nature.


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You can wash an archaeologist of mud, but you can't truly take the mud out of the archaeologist. So here I am, moulding-mud (well, clay!). I'm making wheel-thrown functional earthenware ceramics with slips and sgraffito freehand designs. You'll find all manner of beasties from the landscape, and one or two from myths and tales too, on my pots. Check out the shop section to give a piece of pottery a new home.

Bloomery Iron Smelting

From Prehistory until the about 15th century, iorn was made in the 'bloomery process' where iron ore and charcoal are heated together inside a ceramic furnace using bellows for several hours until a solid, bright hot lump of iron is born called a 'bloom'. It's a dying art and creates true wrought iron which is beautiful stuff to smith and forge.

Basket Weaving

Twisting leaves and twigs into something strong and useful will always be a delight. Willow is wonderful stuff but I've been wading around the bogs collecting other botanicals to try and twine together to see what happens too.



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