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Historical & Archaeological Inspired Pottery

As an archaeologist, my favourite thing is to geek out on pottery finds from archaeological sites. And making replica and archaeo-inspired pottery is now added to that.

Made by an archaeologist and reenactor, for reenactors, museums and history lovers alike.

From Bronze Age to early medieval, viking and anglo saxon....

Get in touch with any ideas, orders etc!

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Bronze Age (~3,000 BC)

From the famous Beaker Culture, to cup and ring mark designs, here's some examples of Bronze Age inspired pots!


Pictish (5th-9th century AD)

The Picts of my native Scotland are famous for their carved symbol stones. They're fun symbols to put on pots too!


Viking (8th-11th century AD)

The famous vikings with their explorations far and wide brought together pottery of many different cultures and traditions making it an interesting era for ancient clay.

Torksey ware jug, viking

Anglo Saxon (5th-11th century AD)

Early medieval Britain... bringing urns, grave good pots and more exciting pottery finds to work from.


Emma Harrison

Coupar Angus, Perthshire, Scotland, UK.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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